Wednesday, 10 March 2010

13. janvāra iela (13th of January street)

It is interesting to know that it is not allowed to film or take photos of police forces in Latvia, however surveillance cameras are still allowed.


Duncan said...

Hi! This might sound a little odd ... but I'm a London-based journalist with Risk magazine, and I'm writing about the financing of the South Bridge. Obviously, I'm talking to the Latvian central bank, the Ministry of Finance, the State Auditor's Office etc.

But I also want to gather some comment from "ordinary" Latvians about the bridge: do you use it? What does it look like? Do you care how much the city spent on it? How long did it take to build? Has it made traffic better in the centre of the city?

I'd be keen to hear your thoughts. If you have time, please mail me at:


angella said...

They get upset if you take photos of hot Latvian cops in Australia too.

I would show you mine, if you show me yours but we would both end up in gaol!


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